The reason why I enjoy working in Real Estate is because it’s never boring.  Even though I’ve been in the business for many years, I continue to learn and grow as a professional and a person.  There are so many aspects of this work that I enjoy, from taking a listing and helping to make it beautiful by staging it, to negotiating the contract and advocating for my client whether it’s a buyer or seller, or helping to ensure that the new property fits their needs so they can do the things they want with ease and happiness. 


As a mother of two active boys and as a working professional,  I understand what it’s like to painstakingly plan a big purchase, renovate a home, invest in properties, relocate from the mainland and juggle all those things with life.  I’ve lived in Hokua when it was first built and enjoyed the lifestyle of the amenities and convenience of the location, I’ve lived on the Beach near Diamond Head, and I’ve lived in a House in Aina Hina and Nuuanu.  There are great things about all those places and each time was based on our needs as a family and before kids, as an individual.  I’ve helped clients sell their $500K Condo in Town so they can move to the Mainland and be closer to their daughter, to helping a Second Home buyer from Japan purchase a Multi-Million Dollar House in Kahala for over $4.5M.


The price tag doesn’t dictate how hard I work, I work just as hard and spend just as much on all my properties to help promote them and get the best deal.  At the end of the day, the look of excitement and happiness from my clients and their happiness is what makes me feel satisfied.  It’s about the relationships I’ve built helping my clients.


Love Story: Scott and Yueck


Love Story: When I first met Yueck, she was starting at a Corporate job in Honolulu and had come from Vancouver.  Scott was a local boy and he had worked in the same company but recently had come back from LA with a job assignment.  They met and fell in love.  They were young and after getting married, they wanted to find a home that they could grow with a family.  The Town Home in Hawaii Kai had two levels and what looked like a big space for just the two of them, now holds a happy family with Scott, Yueck and their two kids.  She has become a Senior Manager and Scott has a growing business.  Their Hawaii Kai community keeps them safe and happy, even after more than 5 years.



New Beginnings: Aina Hina Property


New Beginnings: After going through an unexpected life transition Natalie C. who was a beautiful lady with two cute girls that wore pigtails asked me to list her home in Aina Hina. She worked for a large construction company in Honolulu as a Project Manager and she was a wiper snapper. At the time, she was managing at least two of the luxury condos that were being built in Honolulu. She knew her stuff and she had upgraded the home but as a Single Mom with two kids and a new dog, the house needed help. To bring out the home’s natural beauty, I decluttered it and moved some accents in the home to bring it color and warmth. My Team and I went early to showings in order to light the candles, bring the puppy into the laundry room, and make sure that it showed at its best. We had multiple offers for that property and sold in a few weeks for one of the highest prices in Aina Hina at that time. It was so great to be able to give Natalie and her two girls the release that she needed from the obligations of the home, and she moved into a Waikiki Condo that allowed her to be less encumbered. Eventually she moved back to the mainland and settled with another Construction Company on the East Coast.


Coming Home: L & J Merz


Coming Back to Hawaii-Nei: L & J were the kids of my friend and I was so grateful that they trusted me from the beginning. J was a local boy that grew up outside of Oahu and his lovely wife whom he had met on the Mainland was new to Hawaii. Their story especially warms my heart because I met them a few years after they graduated college. J wanted to come back Home with his new wife. I always found that so admirable because with his Technology background, I’m sure he could have gotten a lucrative job in a place like Seattle.


I helped to get them into their first property, a Town Home in Hawaii Kai and as of a few weeks ago, I just sold that property for them. J is talented and L keeps him on track so that they upgraded their home with smart finishes and choices which helped increase the value of their home. Their signing was recent and due to the Pandemic, you see us outside of their home wearing masks and using the play structure for a table. In our industry, we have to be creative and think outside of the box. I love seeing L & J’s story unfold as they are good people and are raising their son to reflect their good values. They make their house into a home.


E Komo Mai: Kahala Property with The Kobayashis


E Komo Mai: So many people love Hawaii and the Kobayashis were no different.  Their home is in Japan but they love Hawaii and dreamed about buying a property close to the Golf Courses.  Their Multi-Million Dollar property was on the market for at least a year for over $5M dollars at one point.  But after heavy negotiations, we were able to bring it down significantly and get a size-able enough credit so that my clients felt they were getting a good value out of the property.  This transaction required not only upfront contract negotiations, but also we brought in several trusted vendors to help with all the varying features of the home from the spa, to the workout room equipment, to the central air AC inspector, and even the over extensive wine refrigerator.  My team and I worked diligently sending emails in both Japanese and English using different communication Apps like Line to talk regularly with them and inform them of the progress.  We used FaceTime to discuss details and findings and I was available to help them at all times of the day.  This was an international transaction spanning continents, timezones, and languages.  It was a great example of my team and trusted advisors coming in to help turn the Kobayashis Dream into a Reality.


Sisi Takaki

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