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Create an inviting dining space where buyers can envision family dinners and entertaining. Set the table with, glasses and use bright napkins/placemats to catch the buyer’s eye. Make the dining space into a focal point where buyers can linger and imagine living there. #StagingWithSisi



Adding pillows to chairs, sofas and love-seats emphasize the comfortable, inviting feel of a home. Adding a different textured rug, in this case a shag carpet, also helps separate a sitting area from the rest of the property. #StagingWithSisi



Get your place rented faster. Home staging isn’t only an effective means to sell your home quicker, but also makes rental properties much more attractive. A simple and easy tip is to add small pieces with pops of color to brighten up the space (e.g. accent blue & green pillows, bright beach towels on the lanai and an aquamarine footstool). In addition, who doesn’t love a cozy throw? Drape a warm throw over the couch or a chair in the living room to emphasis the property’s welcoming “at home” feel. #StagingWithSisi



Adding a dwarf lemon tree to your lanai or backyard adds a pop of color and life to your property. Also, great for lemonade, margaritas and entertaining. #StagingWithSisi



Invigorate a small kitchen by adding #Hawaiian pieces (e.g. glass floats, sea shells and a leaf/plant) which will bring island living inside; add a few vibrant stools to bright up the space; and keep a small chalkboard handy for your little ones to doodle and play. #StagingWithSisi



Adding color filled accent pieces and introducing different textures can significantly change the feel of a space. The calming ocean blue of the kitchen separates that space from the living room where blue accent pillows, a burnt orange throw and contemporary rug add a comfortable and inviting feel. Professional staging helped this property sell much faster than comparable units which remained on the market significantly longer. #StagingWithSisi



Interior rooms or spaces with one small window can feel dim and uninviting. Breathe life into such a space by setting a charming plant near one end of the sitting area and utilizing bright accent pillows to make the space feel comfortable and inviting. #StagingWithSisi



A simple and easy way to add a touch of nature to an urban canvas is with a bright bowl of fruit. Pick up a handful of yellow lemons, rich red apples or life-like plastic fruit. When life gives you lemons use them to stage and sell your home faster. #StagingWithSisi



To sell your home faster update an old, outdated kitchen by installing new cabinets and countertops, and paint the kitchen wall so there is a transition from living area to kitchen. Taking these steps along with additional staging helped the property pictured sell within a few weeks while other competitive units remained on the market for months. #StagingWithSisi



Dining1 2000px

To quiet a nearby highway and bring a sense of tranquility, add soft curtains and an eating area or desk to the space. After the seller agreed to let me stage the unit pictured it sold within a few weeks, while other competitive units in the area remained on the market for months. #StagingWithSisi



Sitting Area3 2000px

Bring the beauty of the islands into your home. Add a touch of the outdoor (fake fig tree) and hint of color from a plate of fruit (red apples) to brighten your sitting room. The fake fig tree is actually an easy-to-care for living plant with a long life span and decorating with fruit is an inexpensive way to stage your home. #StagingWithSisi




Make the living room feel more inviting by playing a black and white film or vibrant nature scene on the large television. #StagingWithSisi



Add an accent pillow (red) to break up the prevalent tones in a room (gold & gray). Also, place a comfy accent throw on a bed for a warm and inviting feel. #StagingWithSisi



Add warm, personal accents to create a welcoming and inviting space. After all, everyone enjoys a sunny area with a comfortable throw, including Harley #StagingWithSisi



Add a touch of the outdoor and brighten a woody space with a subtle green stool and small plant. In addition, it’s best to stage an area in 3s, so an elegant Hawaiian statue was added to complete this space. #StagingWithSisi



One of the simplest and most effective ways to add depth and warmth to any space is layering an accent rug, in this case a white shag carpet, on top of floors or flat surfaces (Berber carpet) #StagingWithSisi