Remind Buyers Good Schools Are Nearby

By | 4693 Kolohala Street, Accents, Bedroom

Before Staging   After Staging Buyers with children or who maybe starting a family are looking for homes near good schools. When staging, make it a point to emphasize the location’s education opportunities. In my current listing 4693 Kolohala, I specifically staged 2 of the home’s 5 bedrooms as children’s rooms. Bed, desk for homework, toy and… Continued

April 16, 2018

Create Memorable Spaces for Children

By | Bedroom, Kapiwai #22

Kapiwai #22 I designed the staging for one of Kapiwai #22’s bedrooms as a little boys room with a bright blue comforter and shark and whale bed sheets to give the space a fun playfulness while complementing Oahu’s sky and sea. I then designed a reading space with a furry stool, open book and teddy… Continued

February 11, 2018