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Vintage Beauty with Glass Floats

One of my favorite things to stage with are glass floats. They add a vintage feel and island charm to a space. Glass floats used to be commonly found washed up on Hawaii’s beaches, but today discovering these hand blown treasures is much rarer. Place them in a bowl or vase to create a centerpiece, stage a large glass float on a coffee table or mix and match them with other Hawaiian pieces.

2064 Mauna Place Home Staging Lookbook


Flip through 2064 Mauna Place’s Home Staging Lookbook. After staging this architect owned home the property received multiple offers and I negotiated one of the highest prices for the street and definitely the neighborhood.

Experiment with Different Looks

Final Look

Try different Home Staging looks till you find the right one. The first staging design involved only a few pieces (chair, rug & plant), but it didn’t feel warm enough. This space leads from the entryway into the living room so I wanted Buyers to feel an instant embrace and welcoming feel. The final look adds onto the first idea. This design incorporated a relaxing daybed, comfy throw, more pillows and hanging artwork to further warm up the space and create an instantly inviting feel.


Before Staging


First Look

Simple Home Staging lets Beautiful Spaces Shine

Mauna Place

To accentuate the gorgeous textures and surfaces that weave together in this kitchen, I staged with items that bring an inviting, comfy, at home feel. For instance, earth toned kitchen towels add warmth, small flowers and plants bring life and a matching stainless steel toaster and tea pot add a homey feel.

Add a Touch of the Outdoor with Easy-to-Care for Plant

Aina Hina (192 E Hind Drive)

Bring the beauty of the islands into your home. Add a touch of the outdoor (fake fig tree) and hint of color from a plate of fruit (red apples) to brighten your sitting room. The fake fig tree is actually an easy-to-care for living plant with a long life span and decorating with fruit is an inexpensive way to stage your home.

Remind Buyers Good Schools Are Nearby

Before Staging


After Staging

Buyers with children or who maybe starting a family are looking for homes near good schools. When staging, make it a point to emphasize the location’s education opportunities. In my current listing 4693 Kolohala, I specifically staged 2 of the home’s 5 bedrooms as children’s rooms. Bed, desk for homework, toy and game section and a chair for mom and dad.

Leave Buyers with a Lasting Impression

4693 Kolohala

In the master bedroom of my current listing, 4693 Kolohala (Kahala), the focal point is the bed, however it’s the touching design of the side tables that will resonate with Buyers. Already welcoming with their cream color and circular design, I choose a peaceful starfish and a stone with “Paradise” written on it to stage one of the tables. Remind Buyers, especially mainland and international Buyers, what makes living in Hawaii so special. Sometimes the simplest staging items make the biggest impact.

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